Development - Data preservation - Software selection

Software Solutions

Development - Data preservation - Software selection

Virtual is leader in full-service software development. Virtual provides a wide range of diverse software solutions to our customers, from simple custom software applications to specialized technical software applications, elaborate database driven solutions and web sites. If you require a custom software application to perform or automate your daily tasks, we have the expertise to develop the type of application that fit your exact needs and requirements.


Virtual roots are linked to the web, in fact, Virtual was the first ISP of Tigullio, the company has always focussed its activities on Internet-based products and services. Joining the Duferco Group has also meant a changement of the development team and Virtual moved increasingly in highly customized applications developement. This led to a natural evolution towards more powerful and flexible technologies on the market today: SharePoint! SharePoint is a framework for developing enterprise level applications. What is' now becoming available in the cloud. Our main business:

  • SharePoint based applications
  • OS based applications
  • Web applications

Data preservation

Information is one of the most important company values. Virtual during its business, has developed valuable expertise in this field: data management and all activities that contribute to information maintenance and safeguarding. Virtual skills are based primarily on Microsoft infrastructures using Microsoft SQL server TM, but working in the idustrial world we developed skills in other platforms as Oracle. Some examples of services that Virtual provides its clients are:

  • Safe handling large databases.
  • Building and maintaining high-availability infrastructure.
  • Fine tuning of databases.

Software selection

Choosing the right software for specific businesses is not an easy job.
Virtual has many years of experience and the company has developed an execellent know-how that we offer to our clients.